Shoreside Vale is one of the three islands in GTA Liberty City Stories and is the final island in which the final missions are located.


The main areas of Shoreside Vale are:

1 = A player's safehouse is located in the area in Shoreside Vale.

2 = The first area in Shoreside Vale the player comes to if entering by Shoreside Lift Bridge

3 = Shopping and Distribution area in Shoreside Vale


See this link Missions in GTA Liberty City Stories

The way to unlock Shoreside Vale is to complete the mission Love on the Rocks which is given by Donald Love.

Donald Love                                 Edit

Name Characters Reward Unlocks Mission Unlocks
Love on the Rocks Toni Cipriani
Donald Love
Shoreside Vale
Shoreside Vale Safehouse
Rough Justice
Chasin RC
See the Sight, Before your Flight
AWOL Angel

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